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Kobryn: Ales Mekh detained for talking

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

The civil activist Aliaksandr Mekh was detained by the police officer Anatol Dzhyha for discussing the state debts of Belarus in a queue for fluorography.

Ales Mekh was simply talking with a neighbor about the new debts of Belarus and stated that the next generation would have no future because of the need to pay off these debts.

According to Mr. Mekh, the policeman led him out of the polyclinic and called to the KGB.

At about 2 p.m. a police car arrived instead of a KGB car. Ales Mekh was taken to the Kobryn District Police Department. Dzhyha went away to draw a violation report on the detainee, whereas Mekh was approached by a KGB officer who started talking about something which had no relation to the talk in the queue. The activist told him that he needed to know the state language and talk in it in case he really defended the security of the Belarusian state. This was the end of the talk.

According to the Kobryn DPD, Anatol Dzhyha is a police inspector and has the rank of major. Ales Mekh was released from the DPD after writing an explanatory note.

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