Mahiliou KGB unwilling to return camcorder seized after December 2010 events

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Zmitser Salauyou, leader of Mahiliou regional office of the Belarusian Popular Front “Adradzhenne”, has received another response to his request to return his camcorder confiscated following the December 2010 post-election protest. This time the politician was advised to look for it in Minsk’s office of the Investigative Committee. Zmitser Salauyou is outraged by the attitude of special services.

“On January 15, 2011, my apartment was searched. The raid was connected with Square-2010. The KGB officers knew that I had shot a video of what happened there and therefore they confiscated my computer and a video camera to analyze what I had been filming in the Square,” says Zmitser Salauyou.

Zmitser Salauyou’s computer was returned six months later, while the camcorder has not been returned until now.

“I'm going to write another complaint to the KGB Mahiliou Department. They confiscated my camera and they must return it to me. Why should I look for it myself in some other institutions? I do not need to know all their internal bureaucratic circumstances, but as I understand it, once you’ve taken it, then give it back,” said the BPF’s Mahiliou leader.

Zmitser Salauyou also says that after reviewing the legislation, he is sure to cause troubles for the special services of Mahiliou for their improper attitude to other people's property.