Homel authorities hinder registration of "Stop Drinking – Start Living"

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

The civil initiative "Khopic Pic – Treba Zhyc" ("Stop Drinking – Start Living") cannot get a legal status due to the obstacles put by the authorities. According to the initiative's activist Kanstantsin Zhukouski, at first they faced the trouble of getting a legal address. "For instance, we find ads about provision of legal address, phone, are promised to be provided with a legal address, and then receive refusals for various reasons. Afterwards, we filed documents to the Tsentralny District Executive Committee of Homel in order to get the legal address registered at the place of my residence. The answer was that it is "an improper use of a dwelling house or its part". According to the law, it is possible on permission of the people who dwell in the house. But this is where the trouble started," explains the activist.

The authorities answered him that his application wouldbe considered by the chief arthitect of the Tsentralny District Executive Committee. The administration also wrote that "You need to receive the agreement of the organizations, enumerated in part 4 of Article 8 of the Housing Code (town-planning organs, the sanita
tion service and the fire security).

"There are no such demands in the law! These are the artificial obstacles which are created to us. For instance, if the law demands that you come in slippers, but when you come – you are also told you need to be dressed in a fur coat and felt boots," comments Mr. Zhukouski.

The civil initiative "Stop Drinking – Start Living" was established as anti-alcoholic. It's activists have held a number actions in Homel to inform the public about the harmfullness of hard drinking and promote the healthy way of life.