Brest: people make a chain near to protect their house from unlawful construction works

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

In the morning of 28 November dwellers of the house #32 in Nabiarezhnaya Street in Brest, in the inter-column space of which a drugstore is being constructed, tried to prevent the construction works by lining in a row in front of the building.

Earlier the house dwellers demanded an independent expertise concerning the safety of the construction works in a house which was in the state of emergency and needed an enforcement of foundation several years ago.

However, the builders stated they would not wait for any expertise and stated the Brest City Executive Committee had supplied them with all documents which were necessary for the continuation of the construction works.

On hearing this, the people went out of the house and lined up in order to prevent the continuation of the works. “The authorities not only violated our rights by depriving us of the space near the house without a public discussion and passing it to an investor without any compensation, they also lie now, ordering to continue the construction works without waiting for the results of the independent expertise,” say the dwellers of the house.

On 28 November the building equipment did not arrive, that's why there were no clashes. However, the people intend to continue their struggle for their rights in case the builders start working again.

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