“Young Front” activist Pavel Siarhei threatened with criminal prosecution

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Pavel Siarhei in prison

Pavel Siarhei in prison

One of the latest political draftees, “Young Front” activist Pavel Siarhei, who refuses to take the military oath because of his religious convictions, faces criminal prosecution.

He considers the drafting into the army as unlawful and political motivated and therefore refuses to take the oath. In response, the administration of the military unit #51171 in Hrodna started threatening him with a criminal case for evasion from the military service, and gave him two weeks to think.

Pavel Siarhei was also told he could be transferred to the railway forces if he refused to take the oath.

Pavel, as well as some other “YF” activists, demanded to be assigned to an alternative civilian service, the right to which is guaranteed by the Constitution of Belarus. Moreover, during the last medical examination the psychiatrist provided him with a determent because of the large number of administrative penalties received by the activist.

However, the military enlistment office ignored the determent and sent the activist to the army.

According to unofficial information, about 400 draftees refused to take the oath during the previous draft.

You can support Pavel Siarhei by writing letters to the following address:

230026, Hrodna, Pamezhnikau Street 182,
military unit 51171,
for Siarhei Pavel Aliaksandravich.

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