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Minsk Economic Court turns down Platforma’s appeal

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The appeal board of Minsk Economic Court rejected today an appeal lodged by the “Platforma” human rights NGO against the Court's earlier decision on its dissolution. According to Platforma’s leader Andrei Bandarenka, the complaint was considered in the absence of the NGO’s representatives.

"The decision was taken on 13 November, and without our participation. The court clerk allegedly lost our claim to adjourn the meeting, and the judge pretended that nothing could be done about it. This all is further evidence of how the courts work in Belarus. As for the decision itself, it is not surprising. When there is an order from above to close, the judges will turn a blind eye to the law, their morals and obey the orders, instead," says Andrei Bandarenka.

On October 9, Minsk Economic Court ruled to close down "Platforma", a human rights and education NGO that was known for protecting the rights of prisoners. The decision was made at the suit by the tax authorities of Savetski district of Minsk. The NGO’s representatives called the tax claims farfetched.

On November 20, Andrei Bandarenka said to the Belarusian service of Radio Liberty/Radio Free Europe that an appeal to the Supreme Economic Court had already been sent, and another complaint had been filed to the Prosecutor's Office.

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