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Porters of Polatsk winery seeking reinstatement in court

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Viktar Rasliakou. Photo by

Viktar Rasliakou. Photo by

On November 1 Polatsk District Court is expected to continue hearing the suit brought by former employees of Polatsk winery Dzmitry Siankou and Viktar Rasliakou, who were fired for alleged "systematic violations of labor discipline."
On September 14, a spontaneous strike of the workers was started at the winery to demand higher salaries. As a result, the company's management promised to raise salaries by the end of the day. However, the company was then visited the KGB agents who tried to identify the instigators of the strike.
Two active strikers Dzmitry Siankou and Viktar Rasliakou were reprimanded after they joined the Free Trade Union of Belarus and reported on the actual situation at the enterprise to the media. Then the company's administration offered the employees a business trip to rural areas for 1 month. After the workers declined to travel, citing valid reasons, both were reprimanded again.
In the first trial on 27 October, the plaintiffs demanded the cancellation of the reprimands, reinstatement, payment for enforced idleness, and 10 million rubles as compensation for moral damage. The lawsuit was supported by the Belarusian Free Trade Union (SPB).

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