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Independent newspapers not included in Belposhta subscription catalogue

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The website of Belposhta, the Belarusian postal service operator, published a subscription catalogue for the first six months of 2013.

The catalogue still doesn't have a number of independent newspapers – the biggest regional newspapers Intex-press and Borisovskie Novosti or Novoe Vremya,” reports.

For the Barysau-based newspaper it became another obstacle on the way to readers. Editor Anatoly Bukas said on October 17 that 15 points of sale refused to sell the newspaper.

He said a year ago he didn't see sense in returning to Belposhta subscription catalogue.

Meanwhile, the example of UzHorak newspaper, which has been distributing in the Horki, Drybin and Mstislaul districts since 2009, shows the high demand for independent regional press. Newspaper's editor-in-chief Halina Budnaya says Horki readers sent so many complaints about consequences of this year's harvest festival that journalists didn't have enough time to check all facts.

In early 2006, more than ten independent newspapers found themselves beyond the state distribution system. They were not included in Belposhta subscription catalogue and lost the right to be sold via Belsayuzdruk distribution network. Economic inexpediency was called as the reasons. Two of the newspapers – Nasha Niva and Narodnaya Volya – returned to the subscription catalogue and Belsayuzdruk news stalls in 2008.

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