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Homel entrepreneurs to go on strike

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On Tuesday, entrepreneurs of the city's biggest shopping center "Secret" are going to protest against the new rent.

Some entrepreneurs will protest openly, others decided to support their colleagues by pretending that they are holding a review calculation, thus not working. 

In the opinion of the entrepreneurs who rent the selling space in the center, the new owner of the building increased the rent till fantastic numbers for no reasons. The new rent, set by the additional liability company NP-Service, is 3-100 euro without VAT, depending on the place and the level of the trading spot. 

Homel entrepreneurs also think that the old agreements, made with the previous owner of the building before 2015, have been cancelled unfairly.  

In addition to that, according to the newspaper Homelskaya Pravda, the electricity in several trading points was turned off last Thursday, first on the ground floor, then on the first floor. Next morning, the whole wing on the first floor was left without electricity. The entrepreneurs were forced to call a policeman in order to record the purposeful actions of the building's administration. They say that the electricity supply was renewed only after a phone call to the regional executive committee.

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