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Mahiliou trade union activist faces labor discrimination

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”
Aliaksei Paulouski

Aliaksei Paulouski

Aliaksei Paulouski, activist of the independent trade union of the radio electronic industry, has been denied employment at a local homebuilding company. According to the activist, this is another example of labor discrimination.

“On 21 September, I using a paper issued by the Mahiliou employment center decided to be employed as a bricklayer at the Mahiliou house-building combine, but they refused to give me the job. They said that “the staff did not agree.” This is what was eventually written in the employment center’s paper by an employee of the combine’s personnel department Mrs. Zahurskaya,” says Aliaksei Paulouski.
The activist says he is indignant at the refusal, because by the standards of builders Aliaksei has the highest fifth level, he has repeatedly won prizes in regional and national competitions, does not abuse alcohol, and the organization really needed masons.
“To get a clear answer to the denial of employment, I sent a letter to the manager of the company, so that he said why the staff had taken the decision. I also asked the director to give me a copy of the minutes of the staff meeting, which considered the issue of my employment, as I suspect that such a paper does not exist at all. In addition, I asked the manager to employ me and to pay the average wage from the point of failure in my employment. Those responsible for the manifestation of employment discrimination against me should be brought to justice,” says Aliaksei Paulouski.
The trade unionist has been unemployed since February. His last place of work was the “Pramzhylbud” building firm. There he worked on contract for one year. Due to the fact that he actively fought for better working conditions and labor laws, the managers of the firm refused to extend his contract of employment.
The activist managed to regain about 12 million rubles in court and to change the wording in the workbook, under which the employer terminated his contract due to breach of labor laws.

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