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Ales Bialiatski writes about a great surprise and optimistic signs

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”
Ales Bialiatski

Ales Bialiatski

In his letter of 27 September the human rights defender and political prisoner writes that he receives many postcards with congratulations on his jubilee, tells what became the greatest surprise he couldn't even imagine and reminds about the things we should always keep in mind.

In general, we should point that this letter of Ales very positive and bright:

I receive many letters and postcards. I try to answer all of those that have the return address. Let's see who wins, but for three days, 25-27 September, I have received about 200 of them.

The weather got warmer and my mood went up...

The greatest surprise was the visit of the nuncio on 25 September. I couldn't even imagine it! He passed the Pope's care about us, prisoners. It can be compared to when Pope Jan Paul II went to Cuba and more than 100 prisoners were released. They were put on a plane and taken away to Canada without their agreement. I hope for a better variant. All, in all, the admission of the nuncio to us is quite an optimistic sign. He asked what he should pass to the Pope. I told him to pass gratitude for the care about us.

However, what is much more important in all this story is to create such an atmosphere that new prisoners would not be taken after the release of the old ones. This should be always kept in mind.”

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