Went to election — deprived of status of individual entrepreneur

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A parliamentary candidate Illia Dabratvor was deprived of the status of individual entrepreneur.

He was going to make changes in his election materials and bulletins about his employment status, reports BelaPAN.

"I am listed as an individual entrepreneur. Therefore I applied to the Regional Commission to reflect this in campaign materials and bulletins instead of the previous status of "unemployed". District commission denied me in this, despite the fact that I have brought a statement of registration of the IE status and receipt of payment of the tax in September", - said Ilia Dabratvor.

For confirmation that he is an individual entrepreneur Dabratvor went to the executive committee of the Minsk region. "But there I was told that on August 31 tax inspectors submitted documents to eliminate the status of IE and the executive committee eliminated it with the motivation that I did not conduct any activity", - said Dabratvor.

“The strange thing is that on 13 August I submitted a tax levy and took my declaration – there was not a word about the liquidation. The executive committee and the tax commission say that they have sent me a letter, informing me about the fact that my activity is audited and about the elimination of my IE, but I have never seen this letter. Also I was told that the tax commission has a big staff turnover, and the person who decided to liquidate my IE status resigned immediately after it. I cannot even address my complaints to anyone", - said Dabratvor.

He noted that, as a rule, even those people who want to eliminate the IE status on their own, have problems with bureaucracy. In his case, his status was eliminated with "no red tape and without even notifying the owner".

"I believe that this was done deliberately and purposefully, in order to not make changes to the bulletins, when I am figuring as unemployed", - said Dabratvor.

Source: charter97.org