Riot policemen with guns capture Ukhnaleu’s car

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The car of Deputy Chairman of the party "Fair World" and the candidate to deputies was stopped by the security services.

According to the website "", today Valery Uhnaleu was visiting relatives in Grodno. Half an hour ago, the candidate to deputies left Grodno and with them moved to the country. The politician was stopped by traffic police, after which Ukhnaleu’s car and passengers were inspected. All these actions were done by about a dozen people in uniform, including riot police with machine guns.

"Me and my car has never been checked at the border – said the politician. - In addition to personal things I have nothing "criminal". Procedures of the inspection of me and the passengers were carried out without filling a report. What exactly “didn’t like” special services, the lieutenant colonel, who commanded all the actions there, could not explain to me. The only things that he has found were my drafts for the election campaign. But, I repeat, i don’t have propaganda materials."

Valery Uhnaleu suggested that the search is related to the incident, which occurred late last night, when police officers have found methodical materials of the campaign "For Fair Elections" in the possession of activists of democratic opposition in Gomel.

A candidate for deputy said that he was asked to drive to the nearest police station to check the correspondence of the number on the body of the car with the number on the chassis. But he refused, and then the colonel said that they called a specialist who will be able to examine them.

"Examine what? - asked Valery Uhnaleu. - All is seen. I crossed different borders on this car many times. No one had a question about it, even when I was detained and the car - searched".

Rather, the politician said, Grodno special services received a signal from Minsk that some cars may carry materials to the "election". "That is why they put pressure", - said the deputy chairman of the party "Fair World".

Finally, to justify the unlawful detention, Ukhnaleu was told that he may also be a counterfeiter, because his car "similar to the one on which counterfeiters use".