Alena Kavalenka complains about jailers to the prosecutor's office

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Information about the health of Siarhei Kavalenka is being hidden from his wife.

Alena Kavalenka wants the prosecutor's office to check the legality of jailers' actions, who in July punished her husband Siarhei Kavalenka with a punishment cell, reports "Radio Svaboda".

"I wrote to the head of the colony, and to the Mogilev prosecutor's office. For what he again was thrown into a dark cell, whether these actions were legitimate or not, and why they hide from me the information  about the health of my husband, who, after the punishment cell, got to the medical unit? I know that he was held in the punishment cell. What are the conditions of this cell, if after it people need medical assistance?", - Is outraged wife of the political prisoner.

Siarhei Kavalenka was transferred to the punishment cell immediately after the long visit of his wife and children at the end of July. At first, the prisoner was given nine days in the punishment cell, and then was added another 7. Alena doesn't know about the reasons of the punishment, but suggests that this could be a revenge for the resonance that their meeting have caused in the colony.

"They did not like that we were met by journalists. One journalist took a picture of the building of the colony, and then he was ordered the head of the prison to erase those pictures  or he may cancel the visit. It seemed that they have agreed to delete those picures, but after the meeting, I saw these pictures in the internet. And they are browsing Internet news too. So, I think this is a kind of revenge", - says Alena Kavalenka.

This week, Siarhei Kavalenka is going to be visited by a lawyer, from whom Alena plans to obtain information about the health of her husband. Prison administration refuses to talk with her about the health of Siarhei. And there were no calls or letters from the prisoner for about a month. Alena believes that from the punishment cell Siarhei got to the medical unit without anything, and is therefore not in a position to even write a letter home.