Minsk observers face obstacles

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

A number of constituency election commissions of Minsk have not allowed observers representing the Human Rights Defenders for Free Elections campaign monitoring the procedures of signature verification and checking the papers submitted by nominees.

According to observer Valiantsina Sviatskaya, some bans are nearly identical, saying that observers can only monitor the results, but not the verification procedures themselves.

Vasil Sankovich, observer at constituency No. 99, was not allowed attending the signature verification meeting, even though he had received official permission from the election commission chairman, who referred to Art. 13 of the Electoral Code in granting the observer’s right to monitor the commission’s activities.

Observer Natallia Mankouskaya of constituency No. 98 was told that her presence at the signature verification procedures might interfere with the election commission’s work.

The election commission of constituency No. 108 did not even register the application from Alena Areshka requesting permission to observe the signature verification.

As a result, none of the campaign’s observers have been yet allowed to monitor signature verification by election commissions of Minsk.

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