Slutsk: head of electoral headquarters of prospective candidate of “Tell the Truth!” appeals ideologist’s actions

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Tell the Truth

Tell the Truth

Yuliya Balakir, the head of the electoral headquarters of a candidate of the civil initiative “Tell the Truth!” Aliaksandr Solap, appealed actions of the deputy head of the Slutsk District Executive Committee on ideology Larysa Dabravolskaya to the commission of the constituency election commission # 67 and the Central Election Commission.

The reason for the application was an incident at a canvassing picket in support of Aliaksandr Solap on 11 August.

According to Yuliya Balakir, at 1 p.m. the deputy head of the Slutsk DEC on ideology Larysa Dabravolskaya came up to the department store “Slutsk” near which the picket was held. Having studied the biographical information of the prospective candidate Aliaksandr Solap at the informational stand she stepped aside and phoned somebody.

A police officer came to the place soon afterwards. He expressed dissatisfaction with the presence of the coat of arms of the city of Slutsk on the informational stand and stated that Larysa Dabravolskaya disliked it too.

The policeman refused to answer Balakir’s question whether the presence of the coat of arms violated any laws and advised to apply to the Slutsk District Executive Committee for explanations. He also said that he had warned the canvasseur about the need to remove the coat of arms from the informational stand. According to Yuliya Balakir, Larysa Dabravolskaya watched her talk with the policeman during the incident, standing nearby.

The head of Aliaksandr Solap’s headquarters considers this incident as unlawful interference of the official of the Slutsk DEC and administrative pressurization on activities of the electoral team. She asks the CEC to take measures to prevent similar situations in future.

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