Ideologist of Svetlahorsk car park “holds a talk” with a canvasseur

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

In Svetlahorsk, the ideologist of car park #5 Anton Satarau summonsed to his office a member of the electoral team of a prospective candidate for the Parliament, the head of the Svetlahorsk district organization of the Belarusian leftist party “Fair World” Siarhei Daineka.

Engineer Siarhei Daineka tries to get nominated as a candidate at the election constituency which is located on the territory of the Svetlahorsk district of the Homel region. The nomination is conducted by the “Fair World”. At the same time, members of his electoral team collect signatures in support of his nomination.

“One of my adherents, a member of my electoral team, works at car park #5 in Svetlahorsk. Several days ago this man was summonsed to the office of the ideologist of the car park Anton Satarau. The ideologist warned him against taking part in any pickets, meetings or any other events,” said Siarhei Daineka (in the photo).

Mr. Daineka considers it as an attempt to exert pressure on the member of the electoral team. To Daineka's mind, Satarau interferes with activities of the electoral team with the aim to intimidate the canvasseur.

Meanwhile, according to the local dwellers, signatures in support of the pro-governmental candidate Halina Filipovich, the head of the Salihorsk District Executive Committee, are collected during the working hours. In particular, this was noticed at the pension department of the social employment and protection board of the Salihorsk District Executive Committee.

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