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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Canvassing in support of the candidacy of civil activist Ihar Sluchak ended with a conflict. Ihar and his brother were collecting signatures in Bratou Liziukovykh Street. A man ran out from one of the apartments in a block house and tried to provoke a fight.

Ihar Sluchak put out a mobile phone in order to call the police, but the police hit him on the arm, as a result of which the telephone fell down and broke into pieces.

After the incident Ihar called the police and filed an application with the demand to punish the hooligan. According to the activist, the elector was angry not at him, but at the electoral campaign in general and shouted that all this was swindle.

As we have already written, the peculiarity of Ihar Sluchak's campaign is that he gathered his electoral team in the social networks and is going to use this resource as much as possible during the electoral campaign. He intends to continue running till the end. His electoral team has already collected about 1,000 signatures in his support.

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