Pinsk: formation of PECs from members of one labor collective isn’t even concealed sometimes

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

On 8 August the Pinsk City Executive Committee formed 87 precinct election commissions for the Pinsk city election constituency #14.

1 out of 4 nominees of the Belarusian Popular Front and 1 nominee of the Belarusian leftist party “Fair World” were included in them. What concerns pro-governmental parties – about ten members of the Communist Party of Belarus were included in the commissions too.

The prospective candidate from the Belarusian Popular Front, demanded that PECs weren’t formed from representatives of one labor committee. However, nobody listened to his opinion, the more that members of such collective disguised as nominees from various pro-governmental organizations – “Belaya Rus”, “Belarusian Union of Women”, “Red Cross”, Belarusian National Youth Union, “Belarusian Peace Foundation” and trade unions.

However, in some cases even this wasn’t done. In particular, 10 out of 13 members of precinct election commission #12 situated in the culture house of the closed corporation “Pinskdreu” are workers of this enterprise. According to information of observers, the remaining three are “Pinskdreu” workers as well, though they disguised as nominees of the association of veterans, the Belarusian National Youth Union and the “Belaya Rus”.

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