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People are prevented from meeting Prosecutor General

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

In Mazyr a citizen who had a personal appointment with the Prosecutor General, was met by the district prosecutor Sushchynski who introduced himself as the Prosecutor General, promising to solve his problems.

This story happened in May, during a labor visit of the Prosecutor Gneral Aliaksandr Kaniuk to the Mazyr Oil-Processing Plant. The state-owned media reported that the visit was a success, the official answered all questions of the people who addressed him and added that thanks to such visits to the regions he started receiving less applications from citizens.

However, only 2 out of the 6 people who had registered for the meeting came to it. Though the local journalists didn't pay interest to the reasons for their absence, at least one of this cases deserves a special attention.

A worker of the plant Uladzimir Khmialnitski had a great wish to be accepted by the Prosecutor General that day, as he failed to get the justice on the local level. That's why he registered for the meeting in advance. His problem concerned a large-scale swindle. That's why, having collected all necessary documents, he was coming up to the place of the meeting, when he was stopped by the head of the Mazyr District Police Department Piatro Zykun.

The official was aware of Khmialnitski's problem, as officers of the police department had received punishments on order of the 6th department of the Homel Region Police Department and the Mazyr district prosecutor due t the omissions during the consideration of his appeals.

Zykun promised that all problems would be solved quite soon even without the participation of the Prosecutor General. A duty car arrived at that time and a man in blue uniform came out. Zykun introduced him as the Prosecutor General.  The man said that he was familiar with Khmialnitski's case and everything had been considered in conformity with the law.

Later Uladzimir Khmialnitski received a telephone call from the consultant of the real Prosecutor General, who asked why he hadn't come to the audience. Only then did Mr. Khmialnitski understand that it was not a real Prosecutor General. As it was found out later, his role was played by the Mazyr district prosecutor Vadzim Sushchynski. All this farce was played to prevent the applicant from meeting the Prosecutor General.

Later Uladzimir Khmialnitski submitted a written application to the General Procuracy, but it was forwarded to the local law-machinery, to the people who did everything possible to prevent him from meeting the prosecutor. That's why Mr. Khmialnitski also applied to the Investigative Committee with the request to consider his application.

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