BPF nominates 8 candidates in Mahiliou region

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

8 candidates for the parliamentary election was nominated at the assembly of the Belarusian Popular Front Party on 4 August.

Siarhei Antonau was nominated as a candidate at Bykhau election constituency #81 and
Valery Karankevich – at Kruchau election constituency #83.

Members of the BPF will also run at three constituencies in Mahiliou:
the head of the Mahiliou city BPF organization Siarhei Brytsikau – at Leninskaya constituency #84, A member of the BPF council Vital Makaranka – at central election constituency #85 and Aliaksandr Stakh – at Pramyslovaya constituency #87.

Tamara Maskaliova will run at Mahiliou village election constituency #88, Albert Yaumenau – at Asipovichy constituency #89 and a former presidential candidate, deputy head of the BPF Ryhor Kastusiou – at Shklou constituency #90.

All nominees agreed to implement the party decision about the withdrawal of their candidacies provided it would be taken during the second part of the assembly on 15 September. Such decision can be taken if the authorities refuse to release political prisoners, include BPF representatives in election commissions and create the necessary conditions for really free and democratic election.

All in all, 38 candidates for the parliament were nominated at the BPF Assembly.

“Human Rights Defenders for Free Elections”