The head of FIDH: Belarusian human rights activists amaze by their persistence

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Souhayr Belhassen supported the initiative of the International Day of Solidarity with the civil society in Belarus.

Souhayr Belhassen is the leader of one of Tunisian human rights organizations and for several years heads the International Federation of Human Rights, where Ales Bialiatski hold the position of the vice president, writes HRC "Viasna".

We offer you the text of the statement of Souhayr Belhassen: "Members of the International Federation for Human Rights (146 human rights organizations around the world) for a year are actively involved in the campaign for the release of Ales Bialiatski. The anniversary of his arrest once again reminds us of the critical situation of civil society in Belarus.

Despite the hard times that touches all the concerned people of this country - journalists, human rights activists, lawyers and opposition activists - Belarusian colleagues amaze us with the firmness of their convictions their never-ending struggle for freedom and human dignity, and their personal courage. On behalf of all members of the Federation, I would like to express my support to the campaign of the International Day of Solidarity with the Civil Society in Belarus, as well as gratitude to its organizers and participants".

This message of Souhayr Belhassen was recorded by human rights defenders from the Paris Secretariat of the International Federation of Human Rights.

Civil society activists, human rights activists from Russia and other countries took the initiative of an International Day of Solidarity with civil society and human rights movement in Belarus on 4 August.

Exactly that day in 2011 was arrested Ales Bialiatski. Solidarity rallies will take place around the world.

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