Citizens propose appointing Ryhor Vasilevich head of the Supreme Court

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

33 representatives of the Civil initiative against injustice at courts and procuracies addressed Aliaksandr Lukashenka with the proposal to appoint Ryhor Vasilevich the head of the Supreme Court instead of Valiantsin Sukala.

This is stated in the address which was submitted to Aliaksandr Lukashenka on 1 August. The authors of the document state that they don't belong to any political camps, don't struggle for power and just want to restore their violated rights. “However, our own experience shows that it is impossible to do it in our country due to the counteraction of officials, including high-rank ones, such as Valiantsin Sukala. He has headed the courts system since 1997, which means he has relation to its achievements and shortcomings. Pitifully enough, we and our relatives have experienced the negative sides of our courts on ourselves... We are of the opinion that the head of the Supmreme Court of the Republic of Belarus Valiantsin Sukala shows arrogance, he has turned the court into a closed structure and uses the independence of the court system to conceal court mistakes...”.

As stated by the leader of the Civil initiative against lawlessness at courts and procuracies, lawyer Tamara Siarhei, due to all these circumstances the signers of the address ask Aliaksandr Lukashenka to dismiss Valiantsin Sukala from the position of the head of the Supreme Court and appoint the doctor of legal sciences, professor Ryhor Vasilevich who used to occupy high positions in the state. The authors of the documents believe that Ryhor Vasilevich is more suitable for this seat because of his knowledge, experience and openness.

“The citizens intended to pass their address to officers of the Presidential Administration of the Republic of Belarus”. However, the head of the reception room of the administration of the head of the state Ihar Lamanosau blankly refused to accept the address and talk to us. That's why we had to send this document to the head of the state by mail. To my mind, the behavior of the officer of the administration witness that athwart the Constitution the power in the country belongs not to the people, but to officials who use the power in their own interests and remember about the people only in their speeches and on the eve of elections,” commented Tamara Siarhei.