Mahiliou: collector of signatures not let in dormitory

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

The deputy head on ideology of the “Zenit” plant Mikalai Mikhalenia ordered not to let collectors of signatures in support of prospective candidates for Parliament in the plant dormitories.

This was stated to Aliaksei Paulouski, a member of the electoral team of Leanid Padbiaretski, by the superintendent of the hostel in Kedravaya Street 11.

The formal reason is that collectors of signatures would allegedly hinder the rest of dwellers of the hostels.

At the same time, the superintendent collects signatures in support of a pro-governmental candidate, present MP Uladzimir Vasilenka – Aliaksei Paulouski noticed signatures sheets in his support on her table, but she hid them as soon as the argument started.

The peculiarity of the situation is that Mikalai Mikhalenia is the head of constituency election commission #84 and can't but know that all candidates must have equal conditions during the electoral race.

Moreover, it is not known whether the superintendent is a member of Vasilenka's electoral team – otherwise she has no legal right to collect signatures in his support.

Bear in mind that on 31 July Aliaksei Paulouski was detained by police while collecting signatures in support of the nomination of democratic candidates – Ryhor Antanovich and Uladzimir Punchanka. The doorkeeper of a hostel pushed on the alarm knob on order of its superintendent. At first Mr. Paulouski was taken to a police station. However, afterwords the police took him back and drew a violation report for a false call on the hostel officers.

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