Worker fired for pictures of dirty margarine

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

The loader was asked to work on his weekend, and then he was fired for absenteeism.

Democratic activist Vladimir Trizunau worked as a simple loader at "Mogilevhlebprom", reports "Euroradio".

On July 16, he published in the internet pictures of margarine, melted on the enterprise, which was used to bake cookies. After that the leadership began to press on the loader. At first he was offered to resign on his own, and when Vladimir refused, the bosses tricked him.

"On Monday I was called by my master and told that I have to go to work on Wednesday, on my day off, instead of Tuesday. I did so, I went to work on Wednesday, worked for two hours, after that I was summoned to the principal's office and forced me to write an explanation letter about where I was on Tuesday", - said Vladimir Trizunau. Master did not confirm her order about the work on Wednesday instead of Tuesday. So it has been considered as absenteeism, and on July 27 he was fired from his job.

Recall, due to the fact that the company "Mogilevhlebprom" bought too much margarine, not calculating the size of refrigerators, it melted and flowed across the floor. Instead of throwing out the contaminated product, bakery workers were forced to collect it. And then cookies were baked from this spoiled margarine. Cookies that are very popular among children.