Uss was fined for "calls for sanctions"

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

For the calls for economic sanctions Dmitry Uss was fined for 2 million BYR.

"There is already a court’s decision - the bailiff won’t leave me alone", - commented former presidential candidate the notice from the court of Leninsky district of Minsk, received on July 24.  

According to this notification, he must pay two million Belarusian rubles "for calling for economic sanctions”.

On March 19 and a month later, Dmitry Uss twice appealed to the Council of Ministers of the EU and EU High Representative for Foreign and Security Policy Catherine Ashton. He believes that sanctions would lead to hard and fast economic and political reforms, changes in the field of human rights, and liberalization of the Electoral Code.

Apparently, the Leninsky court sentenced the defendant Dmitry Uss in absentia and fined him two million rubles. In any case, the notice from the Leninsky court, on behalf of the court officer Tatiana Strel'chenok, Dmitry Uss received on July 24. Now he should come into the office number 1075.

- Marasmus in the country grows stronger, there is no common sense - there is only insanity. Someone wanted to punish me, so they had a mock trial and sentenced me in absentia. I understand that there is already a court’s decision - the bailiff won’t leave me alone, - said to the "Belarusian partisan" Dmitry Uss.

Presidential candidate Dmitry Uss was sentenced for five and a half years in prison for the events of December 19 and served his sentence in prison in Mogilev. In the end of the last year Dmitry Uss has been pardoned by Alexander Lukashenka and released.