Who represents “citizens” at constituency election commissions of Minsk?

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

The biographies of the members of the election commissions who were nominated to them “by groups of citizens” witness that most of them belong to pro-regime civil organizations, executive committees or other state institutions. During the previous election they were nominated to the commissions as representatives of organizations, whereas this time they represent “citizens”.

Tamara Siarova will work at Vasniatsouskaya election constituency commission #93. She has headed the Minsk Zavadski district branch of the “Belarusian Association of Disabled” since 1991. Liudmila Bortnik, deputy schoolmaster on ideology, personnel and general affairs, will represent citizens’ interests at Svislachskaya election constituency #94. During the presidential election of 2010 she was a member of the Leninski district constituency election commission, nominated by the “state NGO” “Belaya Rus”.

Some state clerks were also nominated by “groups of citizens”. In particular, Sviatlana Kazannikava, the main specialist of organizational and personnel work of the Kastrychnitski District Executive Committee of Minsk, who was included in Kastrychnitskaya constituency election commission #97. During the previous parliamentary election she was nominated to the commission as a representative of the Belarusian Union of Women.

The former head of the Minsk City Executive Committee Uladzimir Yarmoshyn will also work at an election commission. She occupied the mayor’s position in 1995-2000. He tried to resign in 1999, following the death of 53 people as a result of the tragedy on Niamiha, but his resignation statement was declined by A. Lukashenka. In 2000-2001 Yarmoshyn was the head of the Soviet of Ministers of the Republic of Belarus. In 2002-2003 he occupied the position of the head of the telephone company “Mobile Tele Systems” (MTC). Then he lived in Moscow for a short period of time. Since 2003 he was the head of the building company “Zneshekanombud” which owns the complex of buildings called the Slavic quarter, located in Peramozhtsy Street. Yarmoshyn is a professional official – he was also a member of the Soviet of the Republic of the National Assembly in 1996-2000, a member of the Commission on economy, budget and finances. His inclusion in Frunzenskaya constituency election commission #101 was initiated by the head of the Minsk City Executive Committee Mikalai Ladutska, who explained it by the fact that Uladzimir Yarmoshyn is a honorable citizen of Minsk.

Halina Nachoukina became a member of Zakhodniaya election constituency #102. Though he is the main specialist of the trade union organization of “Belarusbank” and a member of the presidium of the Belarusian Union of Women, she was nominated to the commission as a representative of a group of citizens.

This is far from a complete enumeration of former and present state officials and members of pro-regime organizations and enterprises who were included in the election commissions of Minsk.