Salihorsk: former colonel continues struggle against arbitrary detentions

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Viktar Malochka (Salihorsk)

Viktar Malochka (Salihorsk)

Retired colonel of the Salihorsk police Viktar Malochka continues appealing against his arbitrary detentions during the last year's silent protest actions in Salihorsk.

At the end of June the procuracy admitted that officers of the Salihorsk District Police Department A. Shalokha and V. Pryzba had given false testimonies at the Salihorsk distrift court and procuracy. However, it refused to bring a criminal case against them, that's why Mr. Malochka applied to the Prosecutor General, A. Kaniuk.

In his appeal he points at the evasion of the procuracy from answering his questions. In particular, no answer was given about the false testimony about former lieutenant-colonel (now – major) Heorhi Kryvaltsevich, the boss of Pryzba and Shalokha who directed the unlawful detention of Viktar Malochka last summer.

The procuracy also gave no answer who had prepared the documents in which it was stated that on 22 and 29 June Mr. Malochka had been detained on Lenin Square, whereas on 22 June he had been detained together with his wife and daughter near the “Tsentralny” department store, and on 29 June came to the police station on his own (to bring a statement with the question where he was allowed to be on Wednesdays, the days of silent protest actions) and was physically absent at the square.

Viktar Malochka points out that he has received answers from prosecutors of all levels but the General Prosecutor, that's why he expects Mr. Kaniuk do discriminate in the situation or at least to give answers to the remaining questions.