Dziarzhynsk: persecution of traffickers of bulletin “For Free Elections”

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

On 11 July Hrodna activists of the Belarusian Leftist Party “Fair World” Viktar Mikhalchyk and Pavel Staneuski were carrying copies of the bulletin “For Free Elections” in their car. On the territory of the Dziarzhynsk district their car was overtaken by a road police patrol.

A traffic policeman stated that this car had been noticed near a robbed house and demanded to open the trunk. On seeing the printed production there, he started phoning somebody, and then said that some specialists would arrive.

The “specialists” arrived in an hour. They took explanations from Mikhalchanka and Staneuski and counted the bulletins in presence of witnesses. After this the detained activists were taken to Fanipal, where they were told that the head of the Dziarzhynsk District Police Department ordered to take them to Dziarzhynsk. The activists were also threatened that the car would be put to an impound. Eventually this threat was fulfilled – the car was put there on the order of the head of the police department.  Viktar Mikhalchyk and Pavel Staneuski are going to appeal these absurd and unlawful actions of the Dziarzhynsk police.

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