Slonim: election commission hides from observers

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

In the morning of 10 July members of the Slonim democratic association Ivan Bedka and Viktar Marchyk came to the Slonim District Executive Committee to find when the first sitting of Slonim constituency election commission #58 would take place, as they intended to attend it as observers, nominated by electors.

They visited six office rooms in the executive committee, but received no answer. Even the commission member who would probably be elected its head, Alena Machalina, said she did not know when the sitting would take place, but promised to tell them as soon as she would found about it.

However, the sitting started at 12 a.m., an hour after Bedka and Marchyk left the executive committee. Predictably enough, nobody told them about it. Despite this, Viktar Marchyk managed to get there. As expected, Alena Machalina was elected head of the commission, as it was done during earlier elections.

As a result, in the morning of 11 July Ivan Bedka paid another visit to the executive committee and entered a complaint in the complaint book. There he stated that Machalina demonstrated a neglect of her duties by refusing to inform him about the time and place of the sitting and asked why the organization of the election was held in such a secrecy.

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