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Workers of tractor plant strike in Babruisk

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Two brigades of the tractor assembly shop refused to work on the Tractor Parts and Units Plant in Babruisk.

RFE/RL has learned the news from a plant worker. According to him, a reason for protests was a decrease in wages. About 20 people refuse to work.

“We came to work today and received pay sheets. We lost 45% of extra payment. We didn't hear about any orders. They just cut off our extras. Managers do not want to explain anything. We refused to start our work today. We remain in the shop, but we are not working. They tried to scare us. They said we would be sacked. They threatened we would lose 100% of extras this month. They said they would find a reason to do so. Our shift ends at 12 am. We will go to the plant administration tomorrow,” a plant worker said.

The Babruisk Tractor Parts and Units Plant produces units for the whole line of tractors of the Minsk Tractor Plant. The plant employing more than 3,500 personnel is considered to be among Babruisk's most successful enterprises.

According to the recent information, the plant administration started threatening the protesters with dismissals. However, they say they are not going to give up.

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