Hrodna: Leninski District Court goes its usual way

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

On 30 June the Leninski District Court of Hrodna considered the appeal of Aliaksandra Vasilevich, the head of the Hrodna city organization of the United Civil Party, against the refusal of the Hrodna City Executive Committee to authorize a picket under the slogan “For honest elections without Lukashenka”.

The court ignored the plaintiff's arguments and upheld the refusal. The judgement was delivered by Judge Liudmila Zhukouskaya. It's already the fourth answer of the court to appeals of UCP activists concerning such pickets. In fact, the city authorities keep issuing analogical bans, while the court uphelds them in all cases, ignoring the fact that the Constitution of the Republic of Belarus and international agreements are higher than local legal acts. Ruling #540 of the Hrodna City Executive Committee, which determines the places for holding mass events in the city, evidently contradicts these higher laws.

At this trial the executive committee also pointed that one of the reasons for the picket ban was the doubt that the applicant would be able to pay for services of police, medics and communal utilities connected with the picket.