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Woman beaten by police insists on review of her appeal

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”
Sviatlana Viarheichyk

Sviatlana Viarheichyk

Minsk resident Sviatlana Viarheichyk, who was beaten by the police in a “silent protest” in summer 2011, says her complaint has not been properly considered by Minsk Kastrychnitski District Prosecutor’s Office.

The prosecuting authorities admitted police-related abuse. However, they refused to initiate prosecution of the policemen who reportedly beat the woman.

Her later complaint was dismissed by the Investigative Committee. Moreover, the case was inspected in cooperation with police officer Pazniak, one of the persons who allegedly used violence against Mrs. Viarheichyk. Meanwhile, Par. 2 Art. 140 of the Code of Criminal Procedures prohibits delegating the review of a complaint to an authority whose actions are being contested, or to a person who has authorized the decision under challenge.

As a result, the woman has lodged another complaint with Minsk City Prosecutor’s Office, urging the officials to review the case and reverse the recent decision by the Investigative Committee.

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