Hrodna police detain journalists and beat picketers

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Hrodna police conducted a mass detention of journalists on 1 June. Journalist Andrei Pachobut has been detained and is kept at the police station in Kurchatau Street. Yan Roman has been detained. His mobile phone is switched off. According to some information, he has been taken to the Leninski District Police Department in Hrodna.

A policeman and a man in mufti were ringing on the door of the apartment of Ales Dzianisau for about ten minutes. The entrance of Andrei Fralou's apartment is blocked, too.

Among the detainees there are also Yuliya Kaliada and activists of the Union of Poles of Belarus (unrecognized by the authorities) – Ihar Bantsar and Edvard Dzmukhouski.

The unlawful actions of the police are connected to the action against the russification of the only school with the Polish language of instruction in Hrodna, which took place at 11 a.m. near the Hrodna Region Executive Committee. By the way, a festival of national cultures is taking place in the city today. More than 30 people gathered for the picket against russification of the school. The action was violently dispersed by the police, beating the people and tearing the Polish flags they were holding. About 18 people were detained.