Mahiliou Youth Center still harassed by tax inspection

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”
Zmitser Salauyou

Zmitser Salauyou

Mahiliou-based Youth Center is once again target of harassment, as local tax inspection claims the NGO has failed to submit an income declaration.

“On 21 May I visited the tax inspection to clarify the issue. I explained that we as a non-profit organization do not have to submit an annual declaration. As a result, the officials agreed and dropped the charges. We also agreed that we would not sue them for that,” says one of the Center’s founders Zmitser Salauyou.

“So far it looks like a minor pressure on our organization. The tax inspection used to harass us back in February. They wanted to close us down for not maintaining economic activity. It took some time to clear it up,” says Mr. Salauyou.

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