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Belarus Among 10 Most LGBT Rights Violating States in Europe

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The report by Ilga Europe was presented on May 17.

Ilga Europe, a Brussels-based NGO campaigning for equal rights for lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans and intersex (LGBTI) people launched the project to become Ilga Europe's annual report on the state of play of LGBTI rights in Europe.

The survey looks at 42 legal criteria ranging from entitlement to adoption to compulsory sterilisation in the case of gender change and covers 49 European countries, reports Euroobserver.

According to the report, Belarus is on the list of top–10 sexual minorities most oppressing countries.

All the countries were given a score on a scale from -12 to 30, where Belarus received -3.

The worst country was Moldova (-4.5), followed by Russia (-4.5), Armenia (-4), Azerbaijan (-4), Macedonia (-4) and Ukraine (-4).

The UK was judged the most gay-friendly European country, scoring 21 points on a scale from -12 to 30. It was followed by Germany (20), Spain (20), Sweden (18) and Belgium (17).


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