Opposition Activist Escorted to Army from Jail

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Mikhail Muski was escorted from the jail in Minsk to an air defence unit near Liepel to do the compulsory military service.

On May 15, Mikhail Muski, a member of an opposition youth organization called Young Front, called his family to say that he was being driven to the village of Mezhyca where Air Defense Missile Unit No. 29 is located, said Young Front’s press office.

In 2009, Mr. Muski was reportedly declared unfit to do military service due to his high blood pressure.

But after completing a jail term earlier this year, the activist was taken under police escort to a military hospital, where he was “surprisingly” declared fit for the service

the press office said.

It added that Mr. Muski was held in custody for a total of some 50 days this year.

Mr. Muski was given the five-day jail term on Monday after completing a 15-day jail sentence on May 11, upon which he was never released.

The activist was sentenced to 15 days after being arrested along with nearly 40 people in Minsk on April 26 following a Chernobyl anniversary march, which had been permitted by the city government. He was found guilty of disorderly conduct.

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