KGB: unsuccessful attempt to recruit poet Aleh Nahorny

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

KGB officers undertook an unsuccessful attempt to recruit Aleh Nahorny with the assistance of the Zavadski District Police Department of Minsk.

The first attempt to recruit the activist took place in the evening of 8 May. Aleh received a call from a girl who stated that she wanted to talk about something, but couldn't do it on the telephone.

"I thought that she wanted to talk about civil society organizations of Zhodzina, in which I had participated. However, I insisted on meeting with her not in the apartment which she proposed for it, but on a stop of public transport. We didn't stay eye to eye for a long time – soon some guys in mufti, about 30 years old, joined our conversation with the aim to find about my relations with Belarusian Christian Democracy. I was promised a good career in the organization if I showed more activity, and promised me a quiet life if I provided them with information," said Aleh Nahorny.

However, he refused from collaboration and was promised to be treated in a different way.

On 11 May other people in mufti came to his work. "They refused to introduce themselves or talk in the office. They led me out to the corridor and said that there was a girl which wanted to write an appeal that I had stolen her passport, and she would do it in case they didn't reach an agreement with me. (It's necessary to say, that on the eve of the meeting the girl who had invited me for the meeting had also sent me an SMS, accusing me of stealing her passport. Most probably, they were preparing "evidence".) I asked them to introduce themselves and say directly what they wanted from me, because otherwise I would not be able to understand them and help with anything. They told me to think till evening and went away," said the poet.

In the evening a police captain guarded Aleh Nahorny to the Zavadski District Police Department of Minsk, where he was threatened with instigation of a criminal case for stealing the passport from the girl. The "victim" was brought to the Zavadski District Police Department as well (later Aleh identified her as Katsiaryna Liashkevich, native of the town of Dzisna in the Miyory district).

Later he was threatened with criminal liability for rape. Talks were conducted with him in turn, by people in mufti and by police officers. Moreover, policemen phoned to Aleh's wife and in his presence told her that he was allegedly meeting with a prostitute. Aleh Nahorny was let go after all their efforts gave no result.

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