Siarhei Kavalenka on hunger-strike again

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Activists of the Conservative-Christian Party Belarusian Popular Front Siarhei Kavalenka resumed his hunger-strike of protest against the unlawful prison sentence. At present he demands not only a review of his case, but the liberation of political prisoners and the removal of all bans on national symbols.

Siarhei was returned to the pre-trial prison in Vitsebsk where provocations against him had been staged.

According to his wife, Alena Kavalenka, he started hungering as soon as he was placed there, on 8 May. "I think that he resumed the hunger-strike because he hasn't been given qualified medical aid. Hunger-strike is the last resort in defense of one's innocence and dignity. No other chances were left to him," says the woman.

Siarhei Kavalenka was sentenced to 25 months in prison for violation of the regime of the personal restraint to which he had been sentenced for hanging out a white-red-white flag on the main New Year Tree of Vitsebsk on 7 January 2010. He kept a hunger-strike of protest since the middle of December till the end of March with a 20-day break, and lost almost 50 kilos of weight as a result.

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