Vitsebsk entrepreneur Iryna Yaskevich harassed by tax inspection

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Iryna Yaskevich, organizer of "People's Assemblies" and an activist of the entrepreneurs' movement, received an order from the district tax inspection to provide income and assets declaration for the last ten years.

She asked some entrepreneurs and found that nobody has been subject to such examinations. "I am not obliged to keep documents for ten years. What concerns my entrepreneur activities, all documents are kept for three years, according to the law. Before 2008 I was a private entrepreneur, then re-registered as a private unitarian enterprise... I don't even know how many zero signs there were on banknotes ten years ago, while they demand from me to recollect how much tickets to Vilnius and Kyiv cost at that time, and where from I had money for traveling there," says Iryna Yaskevich.

The activist asked what the reason for such interest to her person was. Officers of the tax inspection replied that she was chosen for such an inspection occasionally. However, Iryna's son was demanded to provide the income declaration for the last ten years as well:

"They tell that my income doesn't cover my expenditures. They said that the sum of expenditures didn't interest them: they made inquiries how many times I crossed the border, how much I paid for telephone talks... Now I need to collect the necessary documents," says Iryna Yaskevich.

She asks to extend the term for filing the income declaration for three months, as it is quite a hard task to recollect one's income for ten years.

Iryna Yaskevich has been dealing with socio-political activities for many years already. She is a member of the United Civil Party. In 2008 she took part in the parliamentary election. In 2009-2010 she tried to establish the national trade union of entrepreneurs "Together", but the Ministry of Justice refused to register the organization. In 2011 Iryna Yaskevich became the head of the organizing committee of People's Assemblies. On 8 October 2011 the Kastrychnitski District Court of Vitsebsk fined her 22 basic units for "holding an unauthorized action" (a People's Assembly). The regional court upheld the verdict.

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