Brest activists collect signatures against persecution of Pavel Vinahradau

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”
Pavel Vinahradau

Pavel Vinahradau

Former political prisoner, a member of the civil campaign "Tell the Truth" Pavel Vinahradau regularly receives administrative penalties. As a result, he can be subject to new criminal persecution.

Brest member of "Tell the Truth!" collect signatures under a letter to the Prosecutor General in which they state that his situation is an eloquent example of violation of human rights in Belarus. "This a real legal boundlessness, when the police summon a citizen and put him before the fact that he used obscene language or committed another offense," says an initiator of the campaign Aliaksei Koutun. "I am convinced that this is provocation, that's why our aim is to show on Vinahradau's example that any person can get in such a situation".

Since the beginning of the year Pavel Vinahradau has received administrative punishments four times. Now he faces the danger of criminal persecution, as a result of which he can be deprived of liberty. His friends and fellow activists are convinced that the trials over Mr. Vinahradau were politically motivated.