Postgraduate Paulouski complains to police about rector's behavior

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Aliaksei Paulouski, a post-graduate student of the institute of physiology of the National Academy of Sciences filed an application with the Pershamaiski District Police Department against the rector Iosif Zalutski.

The student states that the rector threats him with moral and physical destruction for his public criticism of the academy administration. That’s why Mr. Paulouski asks the police to punish the rector under part 1 of Article 197 of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Belarus, “persecution of citizens for criticism”.

Aliaksei’s persecution in the institute started after he filed complaints with the Presidential Administration and the Ministry of Education about the failure of the administration to provide him and other non-Minsk residents with places in student dormitories.

“After this Mr. Zalutski proceeded to my moral destruction. He also threatened me with physical violence, allowing various insulting expressions. This takes place regularly and is getting on my nerves,” says Aliaksei Paulouski.

Moreover, the young scientist asserts that the rector made false reports about him at sittings of the Scientific Council, which resulted in his expulsion from the post-graduate courses. Meanwhile, he still hasn’t received a place in the academy’s dormitory.

“There is a smell of paint and dissolvent in the institute where I study. Dust from construction works is everywhere. Some repairs are being made, that’s why the appropriate tools make a constant noise.  The rector is unable to create normal study conditions for young scientists. All of us have headaches and the dust burns our eyes. Our ability to work and immunity decrease, and some of us get ill as a result. The sanitary institution to which I applied in connection with this situation, recognized the violations and issued the rector with an appropriate prescription,” continues Aliaksei.

“Moreover, Mr. Zalutski ignores my written and oral addresses. Having studied my personal record after the expulsion from the post-graduate courses I found that the number of pages didn’t match with the number that was indicated in the verification sheet. More than 30 pages are missing, which is evidence of forgery or theft,” says Aliaksei Paulouski.

Bear in mind that the struggle of the post-graduate student from Mahiliou for a place in the dormitory resulted in his expulsion from the post-graduate courses. He was rehabilitated at the place of study by court, but his confrontation with the rector continues.

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