Babruisk: Anatol Sanatsenka receives a come-off from tax inspection

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

The editor of the private socio-political newspaper “Babruiski Kur’yer” Anatol Sanatsenka received an official answer to his appeal, signed by the deputy head of the Babruisk tax inspection Yury Tarabuyeu.

The reason for the appeal was at in the beginning of April Sanatsenka had been summonsed to the tax inspection by inspector Halina Tanvirava, allegedly on some business. However, there he was met by KGB officers, who had a talk with them for more than two hours, during which officers of the tax inspections left their office (which is prohibited by the Labor Code).

Yury Tarabuyeu ignored the story with the KGB officers and wrote that Sanatsenka had been invited to the tax inspection for a talk about the liquidation of the “Reklamny Kur’yer” firm, headed by him. Though Anatol Sanatsenka also asked to change the tax inspector who was responsible for the liquidation procedure, Tarabuyeu ignored the request as well. At the end of his letter he recommended the applicant to apply to higher instances if he disagreed with anything.

Now Anatol Sanatsenka is going to apply to the regional tax inspection.

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