Siarhei Kavalenka sent back to prison

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Political prisoner Siarhei Kavalenka has left the guarded department of Navinki psychiatric hospital. Radio "Racyja" leanred the news from his wife Alena. Mr. Kavalenka was taken to the detention facility in Valadarski Street in Minsk.

“He has been moved to detention facility No. 1. It’s unknown where he will be sent further. The regional courts says they do not take such decisions. I can only guess he will be transferred somewhere near Vitsebsk. They do not have the right to send him to a penal colony, because the verdict has not taken force. He may be sent to the detention facility in Vitsebsk,” Alena Kavalenka said.

According to Alena Kavalenka, there's no information about results of the psychiatric evaluation he underwent in Navinki hospital. Alena Kavalenka notes he could not leave Navinki hospital if he was found insane.

“He said at our latest meeting he would go on hunger strike again if he felt pressure on him. It's dangerous to be in prison in his state, with ruined health. He was not allowed to start normal recovering after fasting,” Alena Kavalenka says.

The woman also reported an incident which had taken place during Siarhei's stay in the Republican Prison Hospital at the detention facility of the Internal Affairs Ministry.

“Strong well-built men were placed in a cell with him. One of them weighting about 130 kg began to sneer at hunger strike and humiliate Siarhei. Siarhei punched him in his place and he began to strangle  Siarhei, who weighted a bit more than 50 kg. Police were called. Siarhei is constantly facing provocations,” she said.

Alena Kavalenka said they are trying to destroy her husband physically and morally. She is going to apply to prosecutors over the attempt upon her husband's life and torturing.

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