Political prisoner Syramalotau doesn't receive newspapers

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Pavel Syramalotau is serving a 7-year prison term in Mahiliou colony #17 for an attempt to set fire to the Babruisk KGB department.

During a short-term with the prisoner his mother found out that he hadn't been receiving newspapers on subscription for more than a month. The woman didn't manage to find about the reasons, as the deputy head of the colony (who is allegedly responsible for such things) was absent from his office at the time of the meeting.

At the colony Mr. Syramalotau produces working clothes. He works in different shifts, even at night. Sometimes there is no work, that's why prisoners have just to sit at their working places for 8 hours.

The prisoner acquired some problems with teeth and frequently goes to the dentist.

Pavel Syramalotau was sentenced to 7 years in a maximum-security colony on 18 May 2011, under part 2o f Article 339 of the Criminal Code (malignant hooliganism) and part 3 of Article 218 defilement of property on an especially large scale). Human rights defenders pointed at the unfair qualification of his deeds and the excessiveness of the penalty.

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