Detention of protester against construction works in Uruccha suburb

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Dzianis Kabrusiou, an activist of "European Perspectives" campaign, was taking photos of soldiers of special task forces, who were digging out trees on a place of the future construction site. He was detained at 9 in the morning, European Radio for Belarus reports.

Kabrusyou's friend Viktar Yanchurevich informed about the incident. “They were digging out young trees in the park, loading them on lorries and taking away. Kabrusiou photographed this. A policeman came to him, said photographing was forbidden and asked to show documents. Dzianis did not have his ID on him, He was ordered to get in a blue minibus and taken away,” Yanchurevich says.

The activist of "European Perspectives" campaign says special task forces were digging out even the trees planted at the recent subbotnik (community work day). Several dozens of just planted trees and five-year-old pine trees were destroyed. The conflict between Uruchcha dwellers and construction workers started some months ago, when news about infill construction in the district appeared.  There are plans to construct two tower blocks for special task forces.