Pavel Sevyarynets denied parole

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

The release on parole was denied to him, though according to the staff of special detention facility No. 7 in the village of Kuplin “he applies his best efforts to mend his way”.

Political prisoner Pavel Sevyarynets had the right to be released on parole on April 19 as he served half of the sentence without violations. Sevyarynets says not laws but orders rule in the country. Political prisoners are behind bars today, but they can be released tomorrow with or without reasons, the same way they were thrown into prison for no reasons. The staff of the special detention facility do not understand why it happened. They just shrug their shoulders, Viasna human rights centre reports.

Pavel thinks it would be logically if some releases were made before important events. For example,  the Belarusian problems is expected to be discussed in Brussels at the end of the month, the hockey issue will be considered on May 17 and parliamentary elections are to be announced in June. “But is not for sure. We do not have logics here. Screws can be tightened at any time,” Sevyarynets says.