Residents of Barysau suburb receive come-offs concerning construction of garbage-processing plant

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Residents of the villages Stara-Barysau and Pchelnik have been sending collective addresses to various state bodies for more than a month, asking to refrain from the construction of a garbage-processing plant close near their settlements.

According to the local activist Aleh Lysko, answers have been received from Barysau City Executive Committee, the State Control Committee and MP Viktar Huminski (who forwarded the people’s address to the executive committee, which sent another answer – the copy of the previous one). “The answers are unsubstantial”, says Aleh, “it is only stated that three places were determined for the construction of the garbage-processing plant in Barysau district, and some studies will be conducted there. We have a suspicion that no studies will be carried out at all and the plant will be constructed irrespective of our wish. Moreover, they state that public hearings will be held before taking the final decision, though the construction agreement has been concluded already!”

In other places of the world garbage-processing plants are constructed at least at 5-kilometer distance from settlements, whereas in this case the distance is 1.5 km – not only from the settlements, but also from a children’s summer camp. That’s why dwellers of Pchelnik and Stara-Barysau also sent letters to the Ministry of Health Care and the Ministry of Social Defense.

In response, the authorities have started exercising pressure on signers. For instance, a “delegation” from Minsk Regional Executive Committee paid a visit to the pensioner who provided his telephone number to receive answers from state bodies. The committee’s officers tried to find out who disseminated information about the construction of the garbage-processing plant, who presented the construction plan, collected signatures, etc. We cannot rule out the possibility of pressurization of other citizens of Barysau suburb who oppose the construction of the plant.