Brest authorities call to transfer subbotnik money to their account

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

The official website of Brest City Executive Committee contains an appeal to Brest citizens in which it is stated that April was declared the month of cleaning and planting and a city subbotnik will be held on 21 Apri..

Besides, all enterprises whose workers take part in the “voluntary” days of unpaid work (subbotniks) are “recommended” to transfer the earned money to the account of Brest CEC. The authorities promise that this money will be used “for the solution of tasks of the social and economical development of the city, as it was done during the previous years”.

It’s also worth noting that the appeal is signed in a weird way: Brest City Executive Committee Soviet of Deputies – that’s why it is impossible to find whether it was composed by the executive committee or by Brest Soviet.

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