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Trade-union activist dismissed for giving an interview

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The Capital Construction Board of the Mahiliou City Executive Committee decided not to extend the labor contract to a member of the Free Trade Union of Belarus Mikalai Rasiuk.

"Recently I have been transferred to a new working place, due to the dissolution of the previous organization, "Investsystem", where I worked for five months. Everyone knows about the present situation in the sphere of construction work. I have given an interview about it, which influenced the decision concerning my dismissal. They don't need such a worker," commented the activist.

Mikalai Rasiuk became the third trade-union activist dismissed in Mahiliou. Mason Aliaksei Paulouski, a member of the Trade Union of Radio Electronic Industry, and loader Aleh Aksionau, member of the Free Trade Union of Steelworkers, had been dismissed from city enterprises before him.

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